March 14, 2014

Protect Your Legal Rights with a Free Consultation from Slip and Fall Attorneys

Few people fully understand the legal implications behind slip and fall accidents, and when to contact personal injury attorneys.  For instance, they could be walking down the sidewalk, trip over uneven payment, fall down and hurt their knee. They seek medical treatment on their own and use their own health insurance or pay for expenses out of their own pocket. What they often do not realize is they have legal rights where they can seek monetary reimbursement and related damages from the responsible party.

According to California Premises Liability law, anyone who owns or is legally responsible for a residence, business or government property is legally accountable for any injuries that occur on said property due to negligence or faulty construction. In this example, the responsible party would be the person, company or municipality who maintains the sidewalk where the accident occurred. If the other party was aware the sidewalk needed to be repaired, but failed to take corrective action, then they are negligent, so they could be held at fault for your injuries.

If the accident happened outside of a grocery store or other retail business, the business owner typically could be held accountable. On the other hand, if it is in front of an apartment complex or other residential area, it would depend on whether the sidewalk was part of the property owned by the apartment complex or homeowner, or if it was a public sidewalk.

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