March 13, 2014

Why Insurance Companies Do Not Want You to Hire an Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

Insurance companies do not like it when people seek the assistance from a local Los Angeles accident attorney. The following is a list of some of the reasons why insurance companies prefer to resolve issues directly with you.

  1. Lower payouts. Dealing directly with the accident victim results in being able to come to a settlement for the least amount possible. While this is ideal for the insurance company, you could be entitled to receive a much higher amount. Without an accident attorney in Los Angeles to represent your interests, you would have no idea of the monetary amount allowed under the law.
  2. Faster resolution of claims. Insurance companies can quickly close claims. Once closed, it is difficult to reopen a claim and seek further damages. This is also beneficial for insurance companies that want to get a case resolved quietly without worrying about the media getting involved, especially in major accidents.
  3. Limiting your legal rights. While insurance companies do show empathy for your situation, their goal is to get you to agree to as little as possible. Once accepted, you limit your legal rights for taking further actions against the other party. In addition, anything you tell insurance adjusters is normally recorded and is used against you should you seek help from an accident attorney.
  4. Withholding important information to protect their interests. Insurance companies will not tell you the maximum monetary amounts you could be eligible to receive. Nor do they inform you of filing deadlines or your other legal rights. Only your personal injury lawyer informs you of these details, because he or she is working on your behalf and protects your interests.