December 05, 2013

Even with Minor Injuries Contact an Auto Accident Attorney

The majority of auto accidents do not always involve major injuries. However, that does not mean you may not be entitled to file a personal injury claim against the party responsible for the accident. Even if you had a few cuts, sprains, and strains which required medical treatment, you could still have grounds for seeking monetary reimbursement for all related medical expenses. There is no reason why you have to use your own insurance and pay for these bills out of your own pocket. To learn what items can be included in your personal injury claim, it is best to schedule your free consultation with an experienced auto accident attorney, like here at Madison Law Group.

Before arriving for your consultation, it is worth your time to gather as much evidence as possible to support your case. You should attempt to obtain copies of the police report, accident report, and medical reports from the hospital, as well as your own doctor. These items all contain useful information your auto accident attorney will review to establish whether there was negligence caused by the other party and to determine the monetary amount you are able to seek.

It should be pointed out that damage to your vehicle cannot be included in a personal injury claim. Your car insurance provider is able to assist you with obtaining repairs or with replacement of your vehicle. Personal injury cases are filed to help you obtain a monetary settlement or verdict to pay for medical expenses, reimbursement for lost time from work, and other items related to the injuries your body sustained.