January 07, 2014

How to Avoid Being Sued by a Pedestrian Accident Attorney

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of pedestrians on the streets. This is partially in response to higher fuel prices at the pumps. Instead of driving, many more people are relying upon various forms of public transportation to get to and from work, complete household errands, and other such tasks. Because there are set routes of public transportation, people end up having to walk a short distance to reach their destinations. As a motorist, it is your responsibility to follow all traffic laws in regards to pedestrians, including yielding the right of way.

In addition, you have to pay more attention to your surroundings when you are driving. Not only do you have to watch out for other vehicles on the road, but also people and children walking down the sidewalks and crossing streets. If you do not pay attention, and instead get busy texting or talking on your cell phone, putting on makeup, or attempting to multi-task while driving, you could face serious consequences, including being sued by the pedestrian’s accident attorney.

Even though the case is often handled by your insurance company, there are still situations where you can be included in a personal injury lawsuit. For example, if you have substantial assets worth pursuing, the pedestrian’s accident attorney could include you in the suit, in order to seek higher monetary damages than your insurance company is willing to pay. Besides being sued, you may lose your license, have increased insurance rates, and, possibly, end up spending some time in jail, if the other person died due to your negligence.