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A Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles Helps with Workers Compensation Claims

November 26, 2013

A Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles Helps with Workers Compensation Claims

If you, or someone you love is seriously injured because of the negligence of another person, you might have legal grounds for seeking monetary damages against this person’s insurance company. The type of accident plays a major role in determining what legal rights you have. For example, if you are seriously hurt while on the job, and need to take time off, you need to file for worker’s compensation benefits. This program is used in place of your normal income to help provide for you and your family when you are off work due to your injuries. Some of the items worker’s compensation helps cover are lost wages, medical expenses, and an additional compensation for permanent disabilities or impairments that occurred as a result of the injury.

It is in your best interest to take the time to consult with a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles to ensure your legal rights are protected, and every provision of the law is being met in your case. Sometimes your employer could attempt to make you feel guilty for filing a worker’s compensation claim, or want to pay you off the books, because they are afraid their insurance rates will increase with on-the-job injuries. If either situation arises, you need to stand your ground.

In addition, your personal injury attorney in Los Angeles can help you determine if there potentially could be other parties which might be held accountable for your injuries. For example, if you were an electrician working on a construction project and the floor gave out underneath you while installing wiring, not only is the company for which you were performing the work responsible, but you might also have grounds for filing a claim against the contractor who installed the floor.

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