June 28, 2013

Factors Used to Determine the Damages You Can Seek with a Los Angeles Injury Lawyer

The types of verdicts and settlements obtained with the use of a Los Angles injury lawyer depend upon the several factors. First, the extent of your injuries is used to determine whether there could be long-term medical problems. Next, the amount of contributory negligence caused by the other party has to be calculated. In certain accidents, the other party may only be partially responsible, which is frequently based upon a percentage amount. The total monetary damages you can seek are multiplied by this percentage to arrive at the actual figure. For example, if the other party was found to be 75 percent responsible, then they could only be held accountable for up to 75 percent of the monetary settlement.

Your Los Angeles Injury Lawyer Will Try to Reach a Settlement in Most CasesIt is important to understand the difference between a settlement and a verdict, in regards to personal injury law suits. A settlement is where you, your attorney and the other party, their insurance company and their attorney come to a mutual agreement of a set monetary amount. Verdicts are where your case is presented before a court of law, and a judge or jury finds in your favor. Frequently, your Los Angeles injury lawyer will attempt to work out a settlement agreement with the other party’s insurance company in order to avoid going to court. Going to court is more expensive, because there are associated court costs which have to be paid, and you are unable to sue the other party for these costs. This may reduce the amount you could be awarded if a judge rules in your favor. The cost for your attorney can also increase, as he or she has to spend more time handling your case.