June 28, 2022

The Rapela Family

In the summer of 2007, my step-daughter Olivia was injured in a horrific boat fire which occurred on Marina Del Ray. She received first and second degree burns to both of her feet those of which have left a permanent scar. The accident was determined to have been caused by a faulty fuel line that was overlooked by the boat’s owner. My step-daughter spent the next 45 days in an intensive care burn unit in our home town in Utah. She then went onto spending countless hours in rehabilitation and numerous surgeries and skin grafts over the next several years.

Throughout the first few weeks the insurance company that represented the boat’s owner seemed very nice and willing to assist us with our enormous medical bills. As the bills continued to grow, this willingness to help quickly came to an abrupt halt. My family and I lived in Utah and knew absolutely no one in the California legal field that we could turn to for help. We took a chance and called Madison Law Group whose we literally found on the internet.

From that day forward, and for the next five years, Kyle Madison represented us and kept us constantly apprised of every new development in our case. Mr. Madison and his staff became part of our “family.” We trusted him and not once did we ever regret that move. Mr. Madison spent countless hours working on our case in court fighting to keep critical evidence in the case admissible. He never once wavered by the intimidation of the insurance company’s high priced lawyers and won every Motion he filed.

As a result of Mr. Madison’s diligence, Olivia obtained a settlement beyond our expectations. Thanks to The Madison Law Group, all of our medical bills were paid from the settlement and Olivia was able to retrieve a large sum of money to invest in her future and put behind a tragic incident. We highly recommend Madison Law Group to represent anyone who faces the tough challenges of dealing with an insurance company following a serious accident.