May 14, 2013

Talk to Slip and Fall Lawyers to Determine Whether You Have a Case

In certain situations where you trip, slip or fall and get injured you may have a claim against the party who owns the business or maintains the walkway where you fell. You should consult with slip and fall lawyers to determine whether there are grounds for filing a case. Even if you are not entirely sure whether there could be a reason to file, it is still worth your time to discuss your situation with one of our attorneys. You might discover you actually have a case. You would be able to recoup money for your medical expenses you paid out of your own pocket as well as certain other items, like lost wages.

Slip and Fall Lawyers Look for Negligence Caused by the Other PartySlip and fall lawyers have to determine whether the cause of your accident and injuries were the result of negligence caused by the other party. For example, if you and other people informed a business owner of an uneven sidewalk and made them aware of the problem, you could have grounds for a personal injury case. Since the business owner was made aware of the problem and if they failed to take any steps to resolve and correct the issue, they might be found negligent. Even if you did not tell them about the problem and tripped and fell down, you can still have a case as long as they had prior knowledge of the problem and failed to correct it.