Los Angeles Whiplash Accidents Attorney

Whiplash Accident Attorneys Los Angeles

Whiplash is a condition that affects millions of Americans each year, and it is caused by a sudden distortion of the neck which causes pain, swelling, and soreness. Most cases of whiplash are the result of an accident in a motor vehicle, but it can also be caused by other injuries such as bicycle accidents or falls. If you believe you have or are suffering due to whiplash related symptoms, you should really consider consulting a Los Angeles accident attorney. They can assess your potential case and provide you with good, honest feedback as to whether or not you have a legitimate personal injury case.

Seek the Help of a Competent Whiplash injury Lawyer

To be absolutely clear, whiplash is actually a non-medical term that covers a range of symptoms in the neck. As I said before, it is most often caused by motor vehicle accidents which cause the neck to become stretched or distorted from its normal alignment. Whiplash symptoms have also been found in persons who have fallen from bicycles or simply slipped and fell on a hard surface. The extension and distortion of the neck causes the muscles and vertabrae in the neck to stretch. It is not uncommon that the symptoms may not be evident until several hours after the accident. If you experience pain or discomfort due to an accident, you should seek medical attention right away. The costs of medical treatment may be recovered later from the negligible party, but you should seek the help of a competent personal injury lawyer.

Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers, or Los Angeles Injury Attorneys, are experienced in cases dealing with injuries such as whiplash that resulted from an accident. You should not suffer another day with whiplash, for it can cause mental anguish and permanent disability if left untreated. A Los Angeles accident lawyer may be able to help you recover money for medical bills, lost wages, and mental stress. Most of these personal injury lawyers will take the case, if there is one, without any upfront costs. As such, there isn’t any reason not to contact a personal injury lawyer if you feel that you are not at fault for your whiplash symptoms and consequent treatments.