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Limousine Accident Attorneys Los Angeles

Riding in a limousine is not something most people get to do very often, so it is very special when it does happen. It is even more meaningful when the occasion is something to celebrate, such as a wedding. Unfortunately, accidents happen in limousines just as they do in typical cars and other forms of public transportation. Besides having to deal with the obvious disappointment, passengers in a limousine may have also been seriously injured and now have medical costs and lost wages to deal with as well.

Limousine Accident Cases

If you recognize yourself in the above scenario, let a Los Angeles limousine accident attorney at our law firm help you, even if you are not sure if your case has enough merit for a lawsuit. We provide all first-time callers to our law firm with a free consultation appointment with our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers. This gives you the opportunity to discuss your case and learn your legal rights. By the end of the consultation, a Los Angeles limousine accident lawyer will let you know if you have a case that is worth pursuing.

Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys have been working with clients who are the victim of all types of personal injury for several years, including those who have been injured while a passenger in a limousine. There are several things which may have contributed to your accident, including an untrained or negligent driver, a driver who was under the influence of alcohol or drugs or another driver who disobeyed traffic laws and ran into the limousine. We are experts at getting to the real cause of an accident, regardless of what the other people involved are saying.

If the limousine accident has left you unable to work, you need compensation for the time you have missed or the reduced wages you have been forced to work at due to your injuries. You may also need medical care on an ongoing basis, and our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys will pursue you case to obtain the compensation you need to deal with the effects the limousine accident has had on your life.

After determining liability in the limousine accident, we will present the responsible party with a lawsuit asking for payment of lost wages and medical expenses that you incurred. You are not required to pay our lawyers any fees until they win your case for you.