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Elevator Accident Attorneys Los Angeles

Every year in the U.S., accidents involving elevators claim some two dozen lives and injure nearly 10,000 others. Most of the deaths involve individuals working in or around the elevators, but occasionally passengers are killed in elevator accidents. When one is a victim of an elevator accident or has a family member who has been injured or killed in such a mishap, he or she will need the services of a Los Angeles elevator accident attorney. Los Angeles personal injury lawyers regularly represent those who are the victims of accidents that result from the negligence or faulty actions of others.

Elevator Accident Injuries

Elevator accidents can lead to different types of injuries, from sprains to broken bones. More serious accidents can cause massive or even lethal injuries. An accident victim may seek monetary damages not only for medical expenses related to the injury, but also for pain and suffering, mental or emotional anguish, and from both physical and mental impairments and the lost wages and future income resulting therefrom. These individuals will need the services of a Los Angeles elevator accident lawyer.

Elevator accidents can have many underlying causes. An elevator that is not properly aligned with each floor can be hazardous. So can an elevator that drops suddenly during arrival or moves while the door is closing. The opening of the door while the cabin has not completely stopped is in fact the most common type of elevator accident leading to injury in the Los Angeles area.

An elevator accident falls under the category of premises liability. This means that the owner of the business or manager of the property on which the accident takes place can be held liable for the injury or death. It is the responsibility of this person, company or organization to maintain the elevator in a reasonably safe condition, and to warn users of any potential risk. In addition to the operators, those who may service and maintain elevators on a contractual basis can be held liable if an accident results from inadequate lubrication or adjustment or failure to upgrade the equipment. If the defect stems from faulty design or construction, the manufacturer of an elevator can be liable under the principle of product liability.

Determining who is most liable in the event of an elevator accident and providing legal assistance to the victim are the primary responsibilities of Los Angeles personal injury attorneys.