Los Angeles Child Injuries Attorney

Child Injuries Attorneys Los Angeles

When you place your child into the care of another person, you trust that he or she will be safe until you return. That is why it can be devastating to learn that your child was injured at daycare while not being supervised properly, on a school bus being driven by an impaired driver or at a swimming pool with no lifeguard on duty. Even when you are closely supervising your children, accidents can still happen. Little fingers can get at chemicals with tops that are too easy to open; they can be injured by a fireworks display or fall off playground equipment that is manufactured poorly.

Personal Injury Cases Involving Children

Regardless of the type of injury your child has experienced, you are entitled to receive a free consultation appointment from a Los Angeles child injury accident attorney. We understand this heartbreaking situation all too well, and we want your family to receive justice if the accident was preventable, caused by negligence or was deliberately caused as an act of malice by another person. Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers will listen to your story without interruption because we want you to feel heard and know that someone out there is on your side.

If the accident your child suffered happened at school or another establishment involving a lot of people, the laws can be complex and frustrating for parents to try to understand. We will match you up with a Los Angeles child injury accident lawyer who knows everything there is to know about personal injury cases, especially those involving children. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys are on your side, and we will fight for compensation for your family and justice for your child.

Even though your child obviously does not earn an income, you or another family member may have had to stop working to care for him or her because of the injury. This puts a huge strain on your family budget and on your emotions. You may be worried sick about your child at the same time you are wondering how all of the bills are going to get paid.

We will prepare a lawsuit which seeks compensation for your own lost wages while tending to your injured child as well as payment for all of the medical expenses involved with the injury. In the majority of cases, personal injury lawsuits are settled out of court.