Los Angeles Brain Damage Accident Attorney

Traumatic Brain Injuries Attorneys in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is always on the move. The city is the center of life on the West Coast, but it can also make it a hazardous place for people in the wrong spot at the wrong time. Construction project errors, wet floors, car accidents, and other events may seriously damage the brain and mental capabilities of a client. If a person is injured in these situations, they should always know that they can count on a Los Angeles brain damage accident attorney to help.

Many accidents come from the negligence of a third party. Working near a construction site where an object falls from a high location and hits a person in the head is unacceptable. Legal action with Los Angeles personal injury attorneys are the route a person needs to act on in cases like this.

Representing Clients in Head Trauma and TBI Cases

A Los Angeles brain damage accident lawyer is specially trained to see how an accident harmed the mental well-being of a client. When a client receives head trauma, Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can tell how violent or serious the medical issue is for the patient. With this information, the attorney can best represent their client in a court of law to receive the proper damages for their injury.

Under California Premises Liability laws, owners of buildings are the ones responsible for any damages done against a client. Even if the construction project crew left objects around that led to a person being hit on the head, the owner of the space is accountable to pay for damages against the client.

However, there is another dimension not often talked about: the role of insurance companies. Some insurance companies may not want to pay for medical expenses, even as they pile up at home. The insurance company might argue that if a third party is not provable in a court of law, they do not have to pay the client for the full damages of their injuries their injuries. Hence, a good Los Angeles brain damage accident attorney is needed to maneuver around the insurance companies and win a settlement for their client.

No resident in Los Angeles should have to live through brain and mental trauma as the result of the negligence of another person. Contacting a Los Angeles brain damage accident attorney as soon as an accident happens is extremely important.