The Rapela Family

In the summer of 2007, my step-daughter Olivia was injured in a horrific boat fire which occurred on Marina Del Ray. She received first and second degree burns to both of her feet those of which have left a permanent scar. The accident was determined to have been caused by a faulty fuel line that was overlooked by the boat’s owner. My step-daughter spent the next 45 days in an intensive care burn unit in our home town in Utah. She then went onto spending countless hours in rehabilitation and numerous surgeries and skin grafts over the next several years.

Throughout the first few weeks the insurance company that represented the boat’s owner seemed very nice and willing to assist us with our enormous medical bills. As the bills continued to grow, this willingness to help quickly came to an abrupt halt. My family and I lived in Utah and knew absolutely no one in the California legal field that we could turn to for help. We took a chance and called Madison Law Group whose we literally found on the internet.

From that day forward, and for the next five years, Kyle Madison represented us and kept us constantly apprised of every new development in our case. Mr. Madison and his staff became part of our “family.” We trusted him and not once did we ever regret that move. Mr. Madison spent countless hours working on our case in court fighting to keep critical evidence in the case admissible. He never once wavered by the intimidation of the insurance company’s high priced lawyers and won every Motion he filed.

As a result of Mr. Madison’s diligence, Olivia obtained a settlement beyond our expectations. Thanks to The Madison Law Group, all of our medical bills were paid from the settlement and Olivia was able to retrieve a large sum of money to invest in her future and put behind a tragic incident. We highly recommend Madison Law Group to represent anyone who faces the tough challenges of dealing with an insurance company following a serious accident.


Alma Adame

MLG was Amazing, I loved it! Everything was more than I expected. Everyone was very friendly and professional, every time I would call Jackie she would put me at ease and I loved dealing with her. I felt welcomed since the moment I stepped in the doors and everything worked out perfectly. It would be my pleasure to return to this firm in the future, and I would absolutely recommend Madison Law Group without any hesitation.


Carlos Crump

My experience at Madison Law Group was wonderful; the call backs were very timely which was very important to me. The moment I hung up the phone, within 20 to 30 minutes someone always called me back. I would absolutely return back to the Madison Law Group. I would give the team here a ten out of ten and the facility is great here. Madison Law Group isn’t just another biller I just want to say thank you so much for helping me take care of this matter it was well worth spending time with everyone even while going through this heartache but it all worked out.


Wendy Bowers

I had a great experience at MLG, it was awesome. Jackie, Kyle and Matt were awesome they helped me and made sure I got my case settled and made sure I was taken care of. I’ve already talked to Kyle and I’ve given his business card and number out to people.

I’ve recommended him to a couple customers at my job. Everyone was very friendly, very Professional they get the business done. Jackie’s amazing, she’s real good at her job and Kyle is too there very nice. It took me a lot of Lawyers to find Kyle but Kyle was worth the search because it’s a really good law firm and good for my law suit and everything worked out really well.



Kyle was very pleasant and professional and so was his team. When I called they gave me the right answers and they attended to my needs. Everything was well taken care of and I would definitely recommend the Madison Law Group.


Cheng Lam

From the moment I met Kyle, I could tell from his understanding and confidence that I had come to the right person for help, but still his expertise and professionalism exceeded my expectations. Kyle and his team are exceptional individuals who never pressured me and took time out to answer my questions and consult with me. I felt supported every step of the way; and I would like to thank Kyle for all his hard work on my case. I was referred to the Madison Law Group by my friends and family, and I’m going to continue spreading the word.


John Crook, Pedestrian Auto Accident- Los Angeles, CA

When I was hit as a pedestrian, Madison Law Group was there for me. They provided the best service available. Working with Kyle Madison made things painless – they handled my case with dedication and professionalism. They got me the best settlement possible. I would recommend them to anyone (and have several times)


Rebecca Thomas

I have never worked with someone as professional and attentive to my needs as Kyle Madison; he is a terrific attorney, one of the best! Even though Madison Law Group is far away from Pasadena, I am recommending my friends and family look to Kyle Madison to receive the same professionalism and diligence as I felt in my time of need.


Kylae Jordan

Kyle didn’t just tell me he would try to get me as large a settlement as possible; my case was personalized, built around me with consideration for what I needed. Kyle talked with me about my injuries, and what I felt I should receive, and my options were thoroughly discussed. Kyle’s professionalism spoke through his personal attention to my interests, and the time he took out to walk me through Madison Law Group’s processes. When I was looking for help, I had Kyle and the rest of the Madison group supporting me.


Jose Jimenez

Madison Law Group made sure all my needs were taken care of; they reached out to me when I couldn’t reach back. Kyle always followed up on me; he is a honest man who I found refreshingly personable and trustworthy. I could tell I was always being taken care of. I am exceptionally happy with the results of Kyle’s dedication and knowledge, and would definitely recommend the law services of Madison.