Los Angeles 18 Wheeler Jackknife Accidents Attorney

18 Wheeler Jackknife Accidents

Witnessing an 18 wheeler jackknife accident can be scary, but to be involved in such an accident is worse yet. A truck of that size can do serious damage to a car of typical size and also injure or kill its occupants. If you or someone in your family has had this happen to you, a Los Angeles jackknife 18 wheeler accident attorney at our law firm would be happy to talk to you about your legal rights.

When you contact a Los Angeles jackknife 18 wheeler accident lawyer at our company, you will be put in touch with someone who knows personal injury law and is empathetic with your situation. Your first appointment with our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers is provided at no cost to you.

You may come to our office, or we will come to your home if the accident has made it difficult for you to travel. At this appointment, we will give you our undivided attention while you explain what happened in your accident with an 18 wheeler that jackknifed. You are also free to ask us any questions you would like regarding our qualifications, cost, etc.

Injured in a Truck Jackknife Accident?

Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys are on your side and will do everything they can to get you the financial compensation you need to deal with the fall-out from being injured. It is very important that our attorneys are able to determine early on who is at fault for the accident so there is no time lost in proving your claim.

An accident of this type is more complex that the typical vehicle accident because there are many more people involved, even though the accident was between you and the truck driver. The trucking company that employs him or her, their insurance company and people responsible for maintaining the truck and making sure it is not too weighed down may also be liable for what happened. If necessary, we take the time to reconstruct the accident to find out for ourselves how it played out.

We know from experience that trucking companies have immediate access to legal representation and they will be aggressive about defending their drivers. As one individual, you need the experienced representation of our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers to go up against a trucking company. We are not intimidated by this, and will represent you as aggressively as possible.