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Personal Injury and Your Rights

If you are a victim of a personal injury, you may be entitled to monetary damages. Monetary settlements are intended to restore your physical and financial situation to a state that resembles what it was prior to your injuries.

Compensation for Damages

Compensatory damages provide you the plaintiff, with the monetary amount necessary to replace what was lost that may include personal property, loss income and mental anguish. Not to be confused for Punitive Damages, which punish a defendant for there conduct as a deterrent to stop any future similar actions. In order to be awarded compensatory damages, the plaintiff must prove that he or she has prove that he or she has experienced and suffered from a legally recognizable harm that is compensable by a certain amount of money. Our experienced attorneys can help determine if your case can be considered for a possible suit.

Our personal injury attorneys are committed in receiving settlements for those who have been a victim of:

  • Bodily Injury
  • Major Bodily Injury
  • Severe Personal Injury
  • Serious Personal Injury

We have bodily injury lawyers, major bodily injury attorneys, severe personal injury attorneys and serious personal injury lawyers who will help you fight your case and work through the process until a settlement is finalized. You can count on The Madison Law Group for all your injury legal needs.

What can be Considered a Personal Injury

Areas that we practice in and personal injury cases that fall into one of the following categories:

Although there may not be a lawsuit for pain and suffering, there may be a lawsuit for the loss of companionship of the decedent. The surviving heirs or family would testify to the nature and extent of the relationship between the decedent and the family. To learn more about your potential situation and if you have a possible personal injury lawsuit contact us today at 1-866-534-2591 to schedule an appointment.

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