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Palmdale Pedestrian Accident Victims


Pedestrian accidents occur most frequently in and around the city and as study show, it is because in cities the highest volumes of people and traffic meet. Even though rural roadways account for fewer total pedestrian accidents, they pose a greater risks. Pedestrians on rural roads face twice the risk of accidents as their urban counterparts because in rural areas, vehicles tend to drive at higher speeds adding to the danger.

However pedestrian accidents happen no mater where you live, and even on a sidewalk a pedestrian is in danger. According to the Pedestrian Guide and Countermeasure Selection System, pedestrian accidents occur in a variety of circumstances:

  • Walking Across a Road or Intersection
  • Crossing a High-Speed Street
  • Exiting a Stopped Car
  • Walking Near a Disabled Vehicle
  • Playing on the Road
  • Working on the Road
  • Walking Near the Edge of a Road
  • Walking Behind a Driver Backing Up

Compensation and Pedestrian Accident Injuries

After a person is injured in a pedestrian accident they may be able to recover money damages from the driver who caused the pedestrian accident. Damages could be awarded to the accident victim as compensation for the victim’s injuries and losses and the family of a pedestrian who is killed in an accident may also be able to recover monetary damages.

Getting Proper Pedestrian Accident Compensation

To make your process of receiving the proper pedestrian accident compensation as, it is essential to consult one of our motor accident attorneys experienced in pedestrian injuries. Call the Law Offices of Madison Law Group today at our toll-free 1-866-534-2591 to schedule your confidential consultation

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