March 11, 2014

When Should I Talk to an Injury Attorney in Los Angeles?

Personal injuries encompass a wide variety of accidents and unique circumstances. As a result, you may not even realize you could have grounds for filing a claim against another party for your injuries using an injury attorney in Los Angeles. You need to have an understanding or personal injury laws because this helps you decide when you should talk to an attorney.

All personal injury cases must involve at least two parties: the party who was injured, and the party who caused you to become injured. In certain situations, there could be more than two parties involved in a claim. For instance, a dog walking service was hired by your neighbor to walk their dogs. One of the dogs bit your son or daughter while it was being walked by the service. In this example, not only may you have grounds for suing the dog walking service, but potentially the dog’s owners. Just remember, your injury attorney in Los Angeles will determine who is responsible, upon a careful case evaluation and analysis.

Even in situations where you only experience minor injuries, like a cut requiring stitches, or a sprained or broken bone, it never hurts to discuss the matter with an experienced personal injury lawyer. Most law firms offer a free consultation, so there are no out of pocket expenses. You might discover you are entitled to receive reimbursement for all related medical bills, lost time from work, and other such expenses incurred as a result of the accident.