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Perform Your Own Evaluation before Talking to a Motorcycle Injury Attorney

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November 19, 2013

Perform Your Own Evaluation before Talking to a Motorcycle Injury Attorney

Prior to seeking the assistance of a motorcycle injury attorney after an accident, there are three main items you need to evaluate. By taking the time to perform your own evaluation, you are able to get an idea of whether you have grounds to sue. The first thing you need to decide is whether the accident was clear-cut. In other words, was the other person entirely at fault, or did you contribute partially towards the accident? This is important, as it determines the amount of monetary damages you are able to seek.

The next thing to evaluate is whether you want to pursue a settlement or take your case to court. Court proceedings can become costly, especially when the other person’s insurance company wants to avoid having to pay a verdict in your favor. You could opt for a settlement, instead of going to court in situations where you want to avoid a lengthy court proceeding, or if your liability towards the accident may be used against you in front of a judge and jury.

The last item you need to consider is whether the other party is worth filing a lawsuit against. Do they have insurance? If not, if you file a suit, you might be able to obtain a judgment against them, but no real monetary settlement or verdict. However, even if they do not have insurance, and the accident was the result of faulty equipment in their vehicle, you could still have grounds for filing a case. After performing your own evaluation, it is always a good idea to obtain a second opinion from an experienced motorcycle injury attorney.

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