December 05, 2022

Los Angeles, CA – Two-Vehicle Crash on I-5/Santa Ana at Hwy 60 Leads to Injuries

Los Angeles, CA - Two-Vehicle Crash on I-5/Santa Ana at Hwy 60 Leads to Injuries

Los Angeles, CA (December 4, 2022) – On the evening of Sunday, December 4th, a serious multi-vehicle crash occurred, according to the California Highway Patrol and neighboring Los Angeles Police Department officers.

At least two or three people were hurt in the two-car accident on the northbound Santa Ana Freeway just north of Highway 60, and the crash reportedly snarled traffic for miles. At about 10:25 p.m., emergency medical technicians arrived to take the injured victims to a local medical facility.

Cal troopers and LAPD officers are still investigating the incident but suspect that speed and/or irresponsible driving had a role in the collision.

Anyone who may have seen this wreck or has information about it should contact the police immediately. Officers said they are still actively investigating the incident.

The injured victims and their loved ones remain in our thoughts.

Multi-Vehicle Wrecks in Los Angeles

Los Angeles traffic is infamous, particularly on its many lanes of high-speed, traffic-dense freeways. Moreover, traffic researchers’ data shows that Los Angeles has more motor accidents than any other major city.

Every year, several drivers, walkers, and cyclists are hurt or killed in traffic incidents in Los Angeles County. Despite the city’s attempts to regulate traffic and maintain its roadways, experts report an increase in the accident rate. The number of people killed in traffic accidents in Los Angeles has actually risen sharply.

More than five years after senior Los Angeles officials pledged to eradicate road fatalities in the city, 2021 recorded the greatest number of deaths on L.A. streets in two decades.

According to preliminary statistics supplied by the Los Angeles Police Department, 294 persons were killed in crashes in 2012. From 2020 to 2021, there was a 22{1370d1a44a2a36111fd8aac2ccbc5aad49bce4f615ec80e8124ffd285aa21fc2} increase in traffic-related fatalities. Last year, by contrast, 379 murders were recorded in the city of Los Angeles.

In addition to fatalities, hundreds more others were badly wounded in road accidents. The LAPD estimates the amount at 1,479, which is 30{1370d1a44a2a36111fd8aac2ccbc5aad49bce4f615ec80e8124ffd285aa21fc2} more than in 2020. This equates to an average of almost four injuries each day for the whole year.

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