November 25, 2022

Los Angeles, CA – Multi-Car Crash with Injuries on I-15 at Cajalco Rd in Corona

Los Angeles, CA - Multi-Car Crash with Injuries on I-15 at Cajalco Rd in Corona

Los Angeles, CA (November 25, 2022) – On Thursday, November 24, the Los Angeles Police Department and emergency workers responded to an accident in the Corona region.

Right around 4:50 p.m., two automobiles collided on I-15 southbound at Cajalco Road.

Following the crash, paramedics sent at least two people to a nearby hospital, but their current circumstances are unclear. Even though the reason for the crash is unknown, the LAPD and CHP spent the next few hours collecting evidence at the scene of the incident.

An investigation into the cause of the accident is still continuing.

Our thoughts are with the injured victims and their loved ones.

Los Angeles Rate of Car Accidents

Automobile accidents are tragically prevalent in modern society. 43{1370d1a44a2a36111fd8aac2ccbc5aad49bce4f615ec80e8124ffd285aa21fc2} of first-year drivers are involved in accidents in the United States. According to a new survey done by traffic specialists, 77{1370d1a44a2a36111fd8aac2ccbc5aad49bce4f615ec80e8124ffd285aa21fc2} of all incidents are shockingly attributable to driver error. Despite the early and middle phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, traffic and travel have not decreased much over the last few decades. There is evidence that the epidemic enhanced the recklessness of American motorists.

In 2020 and 2021, drivers were more likely to participate in dangerous behaviors such as not wearing a seatbelt, speeding, and driving under the influence. After years of improvement due to safety measures and government programs, California’s road deaths climbed by around 5{1370d1a44a2a36111fd8aac2ccbc5aad49bce4f615ec80e8124ffd285aa21fc2} in 2020. Given the increase in traffic-related events and injuries, we decided to explore Los Angeles County, one of California’s most well-known places.

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