March 18, 2023

Highland Park, CA – Woman Killed in Aldama Street Hit-and-Run Crash

Highland Park, CA - Woman Killed in Aldama Street Hit-and-Run Crash

Highland Park, CA (March 18, 2023) – The Los Angeles Fire Department and the LAPD responded to the scene of a fatal hit-and-run crash on Friday morning, March 17th. The accident took place just before 9:00 a.m. in the 5600 block of Aldama Street.

According to a police report, the unidentified female victim was walking on Aldama Street when she was hit by a car. When authorities arrived, they found the woman lying unresponsive near the side of the roadway. She was pronounced dead at the crash scene. The woman’s identity has not been released at this time. There is no information on the vehicle or the suspect involved in the crash. Police are currently investigating the crash as a hit-and-run incident.

The accident is still under investigation at this time. There is no additional information available.

We would like to offer our most sincere condolences to the victim’s family in the aftermath of this fatal hit-and-run accident in Highland Park.

Highland Park Hit-and-Run Crash

Under California law, motorists are required to remain at the scene of a car accident. This law is in place to protect accident victims and to ensure that police officers are able to fully investigate every crash and the cause. However, in many cases, drivers who cause the accident will ignore this law and will leave the scene before officers can arrive. Not only does this complicate the process of the police investigation, but it also potentially jeopardizes the legal rights of an innocent victim who was involved in the accident. In some cases, the negligent driver will not be located.

If you or a family member have been injured in a hit-and-run accident, it is important to ensure that you have competent legal representation as soon as possible. Given the many difficulties associated with these cases, having a qualified attorney by your side can mean the difference between being compensated for your injuries or having to bear the full cost of the accident yourself.

At Madison Law Group, we understand that this is a very difficult time in your life. There is nothing more devastating than the sudden loss of a family member or loved one in a California traffic accident, especially if the crash was not their fault. We are here to help during your time of greatest need. While we cannot change the fact that the crash occurred, we can take the necessary steps to help you secure your future. You can turn to us when you are in need of legal assistance.

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