March 04, 2014

An Auto Accident Attorney Offers Free Detailed Case Evaluations Even for Minor Injuries

Some people walk away with only minor injuries and may think they do not need the help or assistance of an auto accident attorney. Even in these cases, it is still better to have an attorney on your side. What you might not realize is your minor injury could turn into a long term problem in the future.

For example, you hurt your back, get it treated, and it feels fine. What happens a year or two down the road if the pain returns? Some injuries do not show up right away and take time before they appear. Later, it could be discovered there were minor fractures in your spine that were not initially noticeable on an X-ray at the time of the accident. Now, you require back surgery to correct the problem.

By taking the time and consulting with an auto accident attorney, he or she carefully evaluates your case in detail. A detailed case analysis includes reviewing your injuries, police reports, medical reports, obtaining expert opinions from doctors about the potential for long term problems in the future, and more. Your lawyer works on your behalf to come to a suitable settlement agreement with the other party’s insurance company and their lawyers.

Here, at Madison Law Group, we work for you. If we do not win your case, we do not get paid. We will even discuss your accident wherever it is most convenient. If you are hospitalized or home-bound, we can make arrangements to speak to you there, as well as over the phone.