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A Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles Can Help with Hit and Run Accidents

December 31, 2013

A Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles Can Help with Hit and Run Accidents

Hit and run accidents are an issue when the person who causes the accident flees the scene in order to avoid talking to the police. The reason they flee often has to do with other legal issues they are avoiding, such as owing back child support, having unpaid traffic tickets, or driving on a suspended license. As long as they have insurance, you may have grounds for filing a case through an experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer.

Fault, or negligence, has to have been contributed by the other person in order to establish your rights to sue the other person. Next, you are only able to sue them for personal injuries sustained from the accident, like medical bills, physical therapy, lost time from work, and other such items. However, you cannot sue them for damages to your vehicle or other personal property. These items are handled through a different part of motor vehicle insurance policies, unrelated to personal injury claims.

Bringing to justice the person who hit you and then fled is a priority for your personal injury lawyer, here at Madison Law Group in Los Angeles. We will work with the media, law enforcement agencies, and the public to find and catch the person responsible for your injuries. Not only do they have to face criminal charges, but also have to deal with the personal injury lawsuit we file against them. Our goal is to win your case and seek the maximum amount of damages possible under the law for your medical expenses, lost wages, and the pain and suffering you must contend with on a daily basis.

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