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Need Worker’s Compensation Help? Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles

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March 28, 2014

Workers compensation is a special type of insurance coverage employers have to maintain on their employees, as well as contractors. This insurance is in place to cover medical expenses, lost wages and other related expenses, should someone be injured while on the job. As an employee, it is your responsibility to be aware of this insurance coverage. If your employer is not being cooperative with filing a worker’s compensation claim, then you need to contact a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer.

Some employees may be afraid of causing problems at their job by filing a worker’s compensation claim. They could have concerns they might lose their job after seeking reimbursement through the employer’s insurance company. However, the laws are written to protect employees from such actions. The thing to remember is your employer will be actively protecting his or her best interests and often already has a law firm on retainer for such events.

Another situation that sometimes occurs is when you are injured while at work and your employer asks you to file medical treatments using your own health insurance. For example, you cut your finger and require stitches. Your employer suggests you injured yourself by your own doing and leads you to believe you are responsible for paying for your medical care. However, this is a violation of the law, and you should never do this. Instead, you have the right to file worker’s compensation.

Regardless of the extent of your injuries and type of accident, it is in your best interest to contact a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles and find out your worker’s compensation rights. Your attorney keeps your consultation completely confidential as you decide on the best course of action.

Injured a Pedestrian? You May Be Sued by an Accident Attorney

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March 27, 2014

More people are relying upon alternative methods of transportation due to the continued high fuel costs, such as public transportation. As a result, there has been a marked increase in the amount of pedestrian traffic in cities, like Los Angeles. Motorists need to be aware of this increase in foot traffic and take additional precautions to prevent accidents. In the event a pedestrian is injured due to a motorist’s negligence, he or she may have grounds for suing the other party with assistance from an accident attorney.

Who Can Be Sued in a Pedestrian Injury Case?

The injured pedestrian’s accident attorney has to determine who to sue. In most cases, it is the other party’s insurance company. However, there are cases where the individual who caused the accident could also be sued if they have substantial assets.

For example, the other party has a maximum cap on their liability insurance of $100,000, but your attorney evaluates your case and determines it is worth $250,000 due to the extent of your injuries. During your lawyer’s case evaluation, he discovers the other party has sizable assets. Because there is a cap on the maximum amount the insurance company will pay, the individual can be held responsible to pay the difference out of their own pocket.

It is important to remember each case is unique with its own set of circumstances. Monetary figures in the example should not be taken as representative for what you might be entitled to receive if you are injured, because amounts could be entirely different for your case. The best way to find out monetary figures is to contact an accident attorney in your area and schedule your free consultation.

A Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles Ensures the Best Settlement

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March 25, 2014

One question you need to carefully consider, after sustaining personal injuries in any accident caused by someone else, is that of your legal rights. Many people assume the other party’s insurance company will take care of medical bills, worker’s compensation, and other such expenses related to the accident. However, this is not always the case, and you may find yourself paying for certain items out of your own pocket, with hopes you are going to be reimbursed later. It never hurts to schedule a free consultation with an injury lawyer in Los Angeles, or your area, to learn more about your rights under the law.

Putting your trust entirely into the hands of insurance companies is never a good idea. While they tend to treat you in a respectful manner and are sensitive to your situation, they are still looking for the least costly resolution for settling your claim. Their goal is to take care of your immediate needs and close your claim as quickly as possible. What if your injuries require long-term care, surgery, or have drastically affected your quality of life? Settling directly with the insurance company closes your claim and prevents you from seeking additional reimbursement for these types of problems.

By retaining your own personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, you protect your legal rights. Your attorney works on your behalf to ensure you receive a fair settlement comparable with your injuries. The settlement your lawyer is able to obtain is normally a much higher monetary amount than you receive if you deal with the insurance company by yourself.

Contact a Los Angeles Injury Attorney to Find Out if You Have a Case

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March 21, 2014

It does not hurt to talk to a Los Angeles personal injury attorney after an accident to see if you have a case. It should be mentioned there are times where you may not have grounds for filing a case. There are different reasons and causes why this occurs, including a lack of evidence, no negligent party, and the time for filing a case has expired. Your lawyer will explain these situations in more detail during your initial consultation after reviewing your accident. 

A lack of evidence occurs when police reports, accident reports and other details about the accident are not completed or get lost. It is your responsibility to make sure reports are filed any time an accident happens and not leave it up to someone else. You should also obtain copies of the reports as soon as they are available and keep them for your own records. This way, if the reports do get lost, you have copies on hand to support your claim.

If you were the responsible party who caused the accident, this often implies there is no negligent party to sue. However, there are exceptions to this in certain cases. For example, the brakes on your car failed, and you hit a pedestrian and seriously injured them. While the pedestrian clearly has grounds for filing a case against you and your insurance company, you may be able to file a counterclaim against the automobile manufacturer or repair shop which installed the brakes.

All types of civil cases, such as personal injury, have a set time limit for bringing action against another party. If the time limit runs out, even if you had grounds for filing a case, you cannot bring legal action against the other party. Talking to a Los Angeles injury attorney is free, regardless of whether there are grounds for filing a case. It never hurts to obtain a professional legal opinion, because this area of the law encompasses a wide range of injuries and accidents.

Frustrated by Insurance Companies? Contact a Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney

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March 20, 2014

One common issue people face after an accident and dealing with insurance companies on their own is a change in their willingness to work with you. Initially, they are very nice, empathetic to your situation and seem like they are going to take care of medical bills and other related expenses associated with personal injuries experienced from the accident. However, as time goes on and bills continue to accumulate, their attitude quickly changes if you do not sign their forms in a timely manner. For you, this can become rather frustrating, because all you want to do is put the accident behind you and get on with your life. But, before you sign their forms, you need to contact a Los Angeles personal injury attorney.

Once you sign the insurance company’s settlement forms, you are signing away your legal rights and limit the amount of monetary reimbursement you could be entitled to receive. By contacting a Los Angles personal injury attorney and discussing your case, you are able to find out how much you case is worth. In addition, your lawyer takes the time to conduct a formal case analysis, gather evidence to support your claim, and ensures you receive the best representation.

Here at Madison Law Group, Attorney Madison is not easily intimidated by the insurance company’s team of attorneys. He stands his ground and remains diligent in helping you receive a fair settlement or verdict in your favor. All it takes to obtain his help is to contact our office and schedule your free consultation.

You Have the Right to Seek Legal Console from an Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

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March 18, 2014

What are your legal rights is one question you may have after an accident where you sustained personal injuries. The first thing you need to know is that insurance companies are quick to respond to your predicament because they want to get the claim settled in a timely fashion. Insurance companies do not have to inform you of all of your legal rights and often omit information which can benefit your situation, like the right to seek legal counsel from an accident lawyer in Los Angeles or other location where you live.

The following is a list of other useful tips you should be aware of in order to protect your legal rights after an accident:

  • Always make sure an accident report is filed. If you are in a car accident, call the police. On the other hand, if you are injured while at work or shopping in a retail store, your employer or the store has to complete an accident report. These reports are essential and often used as evidence to support your claim.
  • Seek medical treatment, regardless of the extent of your injuries. Some injuries might not appear right away following an accident. It is normal for bruising, swelling and soreness to show up several hours after the initial injuries. Further, some injuries can be internal, so even though you feel and appear fine on the outside, you could be bleeding internally or have other life threatening injuries.
  • Contact an accident lawyer in Los Angeles as soon as possible. Initially, you may feel overwhelmed with dealing with your injuries, talking to the police, doctors and others to make sure reports are completed. However, do not put this off as you might say or do something that could have a serious impact on your case. Vital evidence has been lost in the past because the victim put off contacting an attorney. In addition, personal injury claims have a statute of limitations and it is important to file your case before these expire; otherwise you have no recourse against the other party.

Protect Your Legal Rights with a Free Consultation from Slip and Fall Attorneys

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March 14, 2014

Few people fully understand the legal implications behind slip and fall accidents, and when to contact personal injury attorneys.  For instance, they could be walking down the sidewalk, trip over uneven payment, fall down and hurt their knee. They seek medical treatment on their own and use their own health insurance or pay for expenses out of their own pocket. What they often do not realize is they have legal rights where they can seek monetary reimbursement and related damages from the responsible party.

According to California Premises Liability law, anyone who owns or is legally responsible for a residence, business or government property is legally accountable for any injuries that occur on said property due to negligence or faulty construction. In this example, the responsible party would be the person, company or municipality who maintains the sidewalk where the accident occurred. If the other party was aware the sidewalk needed to be repaired, but failed to take corrective action, then they are negligent, so they could be held at fault for your injuries.

If the accident happened outside of a grocery store or other retail business, the business owner typically could be held accountable. On the other hand, if it is in front of an apartment complex or other residential area, it would depend on whether the sidewalk was part of the property owned by the apartment complex or homeowner, or if it was a public sidewalk.

To learn more about your legal rights, or to schedule a free consultation with slip and fall attorneys, visit our website or contact us directly. 

Why Insurance Companies Do Not Want You to Hire an Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

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March 13, 2014

Insurance companies do not like it when people seek the assistance from a local Los Angeles accident attorney. The following is a list of some of the reasons why insurance companies prefer to resolve issues directly with you.

  1. Lower payouts. Dealing directly with the accident victim results in being able to come to a settlement for the least amount possible. While this is ideal for the insurance company, you could be entitled to receive a much higher amount. Without an accident attorney in Los Angeles to represent your interests, you would have no idea of the monetary amount allowed under the law.
  2. Faster resolution of claims. Insurance companies can quickly close claims. Once closed, it is difficult to reopen a claim and seek further damages. This is also beneficial for insurance companies that want to get a case resolved quietly without worrying about the media getting involved, especially in major accidents.
  3. Limiting your legal rights. While insurance companies do show empathy for your situation, their goal is to get you to agree to as little as possible. Once accepted, you limit your legal rights for taking further actions against the other party. In addition, anything you tell insurance adjusters is normally recorded and is used against you should you seek help from an accident attorney.
  4. Withholding important information to protect their interests. Insurance companies will not tell you the maximum monetary amounts you could be eligible to receive. Nor do they inform you of filing deadlines or your other legal rights. Only your personal injury lawyer informs you of these details, because he or she is working on your behalf and protects your interests.

When Should I Talk to an Injury Attorney in Los Angeles?

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March 11, 2014

Personal injuries encompass a wide variety of accidents and unique circumstances. As a result, you may not even realize you could have grounds for filing a claim against another party for your injuries using an injury attorney in Los Angeles. You need to have an understanding or personal injury laws because this helps you decide when you should talk to an attorney.

All personal injury cases must involve at least two parties: the party who was injured, and the party who caused you to become injured. In certain situations, there could be more than two parties involved in a claim. For instance, a dog walking service was hired by your neighbor to walk their dogs. One of the dogs bit your son or daughter while it was being walked by the service. In this example, not only may you have grounds for suing the dog walking service, but potentially the dog’s owners. Just remember, your injury attorney in Los Angeles will determine who is responsible, upon a careful case evaluation and analysis.

Even in situations where you only experience minor injuries, like a cut requiring stitches, or a sprained or broken bone, it never hurts to discuss the matter with an experienced personal injury lawyer. Most law firms offer a free consultation, so there are no out of pocket expenses. You might discover you are entitled to receive reimbursement for all related medical bills, lost time from work, and other such expenses incurred as a result of the accident.

Two Questions an Accident Injury Attorney Answers

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March 7, 2014

An accident injury attorney can provide services for a wide variety of personal injury cases. These might include dog bites, wrongful death, slip and fall cases, vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, and workers compensation claims. While this list includes the more common types of cases, this area of law covers any sort of situation where you, or someone you love, are hurt or injured due to the negligence of another person or party.

Who Do I Sue?

This is one question your accident injury attorney has to determine. It is important to file your lawsuit against the right person or parties because there is a statute of limitations. An experienced lawyer takes the time to conduct a careful case evaluation prior to making a decision.

In certain cases, there may be more than one person to file a suit against. For instance, you were walking in a store, tripped on a piece of torn carpeting, and fell into a ladder, causing tools and other items to fall onto you. Not only did you hurt your leg when you tripped, but you also received injuries to your head and upper body. The store owner and/or the landlord are responsible for the torn carpeting. But, the ladder and tools were owned by an independent contractor the store hired to make repairs to the ceiling. Do you sue the contractor, too? This is what your attorney will determine.

Why Does There Need to be Negligence?

Negligence is the term used to describe the amount of fault the other person or party was responsible for in your accident. It is used to determine the monetary amount they could be responsible to pay you. Without negligence you do not have a case, nor can you file if the accident was caused by your own wrongdoing.

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