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Make Sure You Understand What a Contingency Fee is when Using an Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

October 31, 2013

One common term you will hear any time you retain the services an accident attorney in Los Angeles is contingency fee. It is important you fully understand what this fee is and how it works. Many people do not take the time to ask questions of their lawyer, so if their case is won, they are shocked when they do not receive the full amount of their verdict or settlement.

A contingency fee is the amount your lawyer charges for representing you in your personal injury case. Most lawyers do not charge you anything, upfront, but instead have you sign an agreement stating the amount of their fee should they win your case. As a result, you are required to pay for their services if they are able to reach a settlement with the other party’s insurance company or secure a favorable verdict if your case goes to court. Any fees you owe are taken out of your settlement or final verdict and are the contingency fee.

Your personal injury attorney will explain to you in detail what amount they charge for contingency fees during your free initial consultation, as long as you have grounds for filing a case. Often this is a set percentage amount, rather than an actual dollar amount. An average amount charged is around one third, or thirty-three percent of the settlement or verdict amount. For example, if you were awarded $50,000 from your case, your attorney would take approximately $16,500 for the contingency fee out of the $50,000, and the remaining amount would then be issued to you.

Your Los Angeles Attorney May Include Emotional and Mental Injuries as Part of Your Personal Injury Case

October 29, 2013

Your Los Angeles Attorney May Include Emotional and Mental Injuries as Part of Your Personal Injury Case

Normally when you think about personal injury cases, you might assume they are where a person has received physical injuries, such as a serious motorcycle or automobile accident. Additionally, there are certain situations where a person may be mentally or emotionally injured as a result of the accident, because their physical injuries have directly affected their quality of life. By law, you have a legal right to also seek damages for emotional and mental injuries. However, being able to be compensated for these types of injuries frequently requires the assistance of a local Los Angeles attorney.

When selecting an attorney in Los Angeles to represent you in a personal injury case, it is important to choose one who is experienced in this area of the law. You would not go to a criminal defense lawyer for assistance with filing for a divorce or other civil manner. Instead, you typically seek out a lawyer who specializes in the area of the law you require. Further, the attorney should offer a free consultation to meet with you, discuss your situation, and gather information. You need to be hesitant if the lawyer asks for a consultation fee.

After your initial consultation, you are able to find out whether you have grounds for filing a case. There are two things your personal injury lawyer will look for at this time. The first is whether there was another party who either contributed towards or was involved in the accident. The second is if the other party was at least partially at fault. Both of these items need to be present in order to establish grounds for filing your case. Your lawyer should work on your case for free and not accept any form of payment unless they actually win.

The Extent of Your Injuries Determines the Amount of Damages Awarded for Motorcycle Injury Cases

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October 25, 2013

The amount of damages you are entitled to seek by filing a motorcycle injury case using a personal injury lawyer depends upon the extent of your injuries. It is important to remember, you cannot file a personal injury case to have your motorcycle repaired, or to cover any losses to the bike not covered by yours or the other party’s vehicle insurance. However, you are able to seek reimbursement for medical expenses, lost wages from work, and pain and suffering. Further, if the accident has drastically affected your quality of life, such as leaving you partially paralyzed or disabled, you may be entitled to a larger monetary amount. Additionally, in order to have grounds for a personal injury case, the other party has to been at least partially at fault. If the accident was entirely your fault, you do not have grounds for filing a case.

It should be noted, the maximum amount you are able to seek in a motorcycle injury case is often directly related to the maximum amounts provided under the other party’s insurance policy. If the other party does not have any substantial assets, there is no reason to seek additional damages. However, if they do have assets, your attorney could include them in your lawsuit. The reason they do this is when you are entitled to more compensation than the insurance company is able to pay. If the person who caused your injuries was operating a company-owned vehicle, your attorney may also recommend including their employer, the company’s owners, and the company’s insurance company in your law suit.

Any Time You Are in an Auto Accident, Call 911, Seek Medical Treatment, and Speak to a Personal Injury Attorney

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October 24, 2013

When you have been involved in an auto accident, it is important that you call 911 and file a police report. Sometimes the other party will ask you to not call, and offers to settle the accident, without involving your insurance companies. This is a bad idea, and you should never agree to resolve an accident in this manner for several reasons. First, failing to file a police report leaves you no recourse in the event the other party backs out of their original agreement. Next, if you sustained any sort of personal injuries, you are unable to be reimbursed for these expenses by the other party’s insurance company. Even if you do not notice any pain or suffering immediately following the accident, it does not mean you might not notice them later.

Additionally, you should seek medical treatment, either from an EMT or a doctor, following your auto accident. It is better to be examined and have a medical professional determine there are no serious injuries or other complications. Refusing medical treatment may make it difficult to go back and seek compensation for injuries you notice several hours or days later. It is also worth your time to speak to a personal injury attorney to see if there are grounds for a personal injury case.

Filing a personal injury case helps preserve your legal rights. You might discover you are entitled to a substantial amount of monetary compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages from work, and other items. Discussing your accident with a personal injury attorney at Madison Law Group is free. In the event you do have a case, your attorney does not require any payment, upfront, and their fees are deducted only if they win your case.

Protect Your Rights by Hiring an Accident Injury Attorney

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October 22, 2013

Being involved in an accident where you sustained injury that was caused by another person often involves talking to their insurance company, to seek reimbursement and compensation for medical expenses. Dealing with their insurance company directly on your own is never a good idea. Insurance companies are in business to make money, not pay it out in claims, whenever possible. As a result, they are quick to make you a settlement offer — frequently for the least amount allowed under the law. If you accept their proposed settlement, you lose your legal rights to seek further compensation.

Hiring an attorney experienced in personal injury laws after your accident is a far better option. Your lawyer is aware of all of the laws, your legal rights, and the maximum compensation allowed under the law. Further, your attorney knows exactly what information and details are critical to the outcome of your case, including in situations where you might be partially at fault for the accident, or otherwise hurt your options to obtain a favorable verdict or settlement. It is important to remember: insurance companies have teams of lawyers on their side, so you should, too.

You have different options for retaining a personal injury attorney after your accident. In order to ensure you are receiving the best possible representation, you should seek out law firms that provide free consultations and who do not charge any fees unless they are able to win your case, like Madison Law Group. By not accepting any fees upfront, your attorney is more motivated to guarantee they do everything possible to deliver the desired outcome, either with a settlement offer, or a favorable verdict.

Personal Injury Cases in Los Angeles Include Many Different Areas

October 18, 2013

Personal injury cases could involve a wide range of areas including slip and fall, auto accidents, dog bites, wrongful death, motorcycle accidents, amputation accidents, bicycle accidents, boating accidents, medical malpractice, workers compensation, and many more areas. The two key items which must be present in these cases are negligence and injury. If one or the other is missing, then you do not have this type of case. This is not to say you may not have grounds for some other law suit. But, to be entirely sure whether or not you have grounds, as well as what kind of case, it is best to consult with an experienced Los Angeles lawyer.

There is fault assigned to everyone involved in any type of accident. If there are only two parties, then the fault is divided between them. If there are three or more parties, then the fault is distributed based upon the percentage of responsibility. However, there are times were certain parties are found entirely at fault because of their negligence. If they would have taken the time to pursue a different chain of events or actions, then the accident could have been prevented. The percentage of fault assigned to the other party also lets you know the total amount you are able to seek in a personal injury lawsuit claim filed through your Los Angeles attorney. For example, if you contributed 25 percent towards the accident, then the maximum amount of damages you are entitled to is reduced by 25 percent.

Retain an Auto Accident Lawyer to Make Sure You Are Properly Compensated

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October 17, 2013

Being involved in an auto accident frequently results in damage to your vehicle. However, there are times when the accident is more serious, and you receive personal injuries. Understanding how insurance claims work, both with your own company and the other person’s, is vital to guarantee you receive the correct monetary compensation. Your insurance company will normally take care of any repairs required for your vehicle, or issue you a check to replace it, in the event it is totaled, minus any applicable deductibles. However, you could recover your deductible amounts by filing a claim against the other party, as long as they were at fault.

If you were injured and required medical treatment, these expenses are normally paid for by the other party’s insurance. The amount you are able to receive does depend upon the extent of your injuries. If you required hospitalization, surgery, lost time from work that was unpaid, or are left disabled, you could have grounds to seek a larger amount of damages. Rather than being left on your own to deal with their insurance company, claims adjusters, and other representatives, you should consider retaining your own auto accident lawyer.

Using personal injury lawyer helps to protect your legal rights, as well as ensures you are able to be well compensated for all of your injuries, both now, and in the future. In certain cases, there may be additional people your attorney can file against to seek monetary damages for your auto accident. For example, if the driver was operating a company-owned vehicle while at work, your lawsuit might also include their employer and the employer’s insurance company.

Use Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys to File a Claim against the Other Party’s Insurance

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October 15, 2013

Understanding your legal rights after being involved in an accident is important. If you sustained personal injuries requiring medical treatment, you may be entitled to file a claim against the other party’s insurance. To find out if you have grounds for filing a claim, it is in your best interest to work with Los Angeles personal injury attorneys, rather than attempting to do this by yourself.

If you contact the other party’s insurance party directly, you could end up not obtaining as much money as you might be entitled to receive. First, the insurance company is going to attempt to shift the fault of the accident and try to get you to admit that you were partially to blame. Next, they will want to settle the claim for as little money as possible, and often make an initial offer for the least amount as possible. You also run the risk of the insurance company using what you tell them against you, later, should you seek help from Los Angeles personal injury attorneys afterwards.

Instead of risking your claim, you should not make direct contact with the other party’s insurance company. By retaining one of our experienced attorneys, here at Madison Law Group, we are able to act as your personal liaison to help you obtain the maximum amount possible. Further, our lawyers are experienced in personal injury lawsuits and all related laws. To find out whether you have grounds for a case, questions, or other concerns, do not hesitate to contact us directly and schedule a free consultation.

After an Accident Find Out Your Legal Rights by Talking to a Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer

October 11, 2013

Many people do not consider their legal rights whenever they have been hurt or seriously injured in an accident caused by another person. The reason for this is simply because the other party’s insurance company quickly responds and offers to cover any immediate medical expenses. Since there are no out-of-pocket expenses for the injured person, they happily agree to sign whatever papers are needed to get the matter resolved and go on with their life. However, this is what insurance companies want you to do, because it means they are able to close claims for the lowest possible amounts.

The next time you are involved in an accident, prior to talking to the other party’s insurance company, take a few moments and consider all of your options. How seriously were you hurt? Some injuries do not fully manifest themselves until several hours, days, or even weeks later. Even if your immediate injuries are treated, you could require long term care, physical therapy, or surgery, later on in the future. If you are quick to sign paperwork and close the claim with the other party’s insurance, you are signing away any future monetary claims. After receiving medical treatment and completing any police or accident reports, you should contact a personal injury lawyer, like here at Madison Law Group in Los Angeles.

If you are in Los Angeles, it is worth your time to discuss your accident with our personal injury lawyer. During your initial free consultation, you are able to learn more about your legal rights, as well as whether you have grounds to file a claim. Should the other party’s insurance company attempt to contact you prior to your consultation, do not speak to them, as anything you tell them may be used against you later.

The Goal of Your Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles Is To Win Your Case

October 10, 2013

When working with your personal injury attorney, here in Los Angeles at Madison Law Group, he will do his best to obtain the maximum amount of damages as possible. It should be noted that your lawyer’s primary purpose is to win your case, either by securing an acceptable settlement, or by taking your case in front of a judge and jury, and getting a verdict in your favor. The processes used to reach a settlement and a verdict are slightly different. It is important for you to understand the differences and how they affect your claim.

After your personal injury attorney in Los Angeles files your case with the court, the other party and their insurance company are notified of the lawsuit. There will be a court date set in the initial notification. Prior to this court date, the other party’s insurance company opens negotiations through your attorney. In the event they attempt to contact you directly, do not speak to them, other than to refer them to your lawyer. During this time, the insurance company proposes a settlement based upon what they feel is appropriate. However, the initial offer is often a low amount, and nowhere close to the monetary damages your attorney filed on your behalf. Your attorney does talk to you about their proposal and whether you want to make a counteroffer. This process continues until an agreeable settlement is reached.

In the event you and your attorney are able to come to an acceptable settlement from the insurance company, your case is then taken to court. During the court proceedings, your attorney presents evidence to establish your claim and show the other party was negligent. The damages awarded by the court, should they find in your favor, are commonly the maximum amount initially filed with the court in your lawsuit.

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