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Different Things Can Occur After Your Initial Visit to an Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

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July 30, 2013

After your initial consultation with an accident lawyer in Los Angles, there are several things which can occur. First, your attorney might determine you do not have grounds for a personal injury case. In order to have a valid claim, there are two specific things that must be present. First, there needs to be a second party who is responsible for your injuries. Next, this party must also have demonstrated they were negligent, and the accident could have been prevented. In the event the accident was caused by your own negligence, or there is no secondary party to blame, and then there are no legal grounds for filing a claim.

Another thing that can occur after your initial visit to your accident lawyer in Los Angeles is discovering you have grounds to file a case against the other party. In this situation, your attorney determines the percentage to which the other party contributed towards the accident. This percentage is used to determine the maximum amount of damages you are able to seek under personal injury laws. For example, if you were in an automobile accident and were 25 percent at fault, the maximum damages for your case would be reduced by 25 percent, as the other party was only 75 percent to blame. Your attorney will also instruct you on other matters, like to avoid speaking directly to insurance companies, as they will use anything you say against you, later, and need to be referred directly to your attorney, as well as the procedures and processes involved with your case.

A Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles Evaluates Negligence and Those Responsible

July 26, 2013

Personal injury is a specific area of the law which deals with civil law suits between two parties involved in an accident. In most cases, the person or party who caused the accident has some sort of insurance, and their insurance company is the one who pays damages obtained through a settlement or awarded by a judge in a court of law. There are few things that must be present in order to have grounds to file a case with a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles. First, your attorney has to identify the responsible parties for your accident. They have to determine whether the accident was caused by an individual or business. Next, they need to establish the amount of negligence the other party contributed towards the accident. If there is no negligence, and the accident was entirely your own doing, then there are no grounds to file a claim.

Taking the time to complete these first two evaluation steps helps a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles weed out invalid accident claims in situations where someone might be looking to make money by causing their own injuries. For example, if you walk into a store, and deliberately fall down and get hurt, there are no grounds for a personal injury case. On the other hand, if the floor was wet because the roof was leaking, the owner knew about the problem and failed to take corrective measures, which caused you to fall down and get hurt — you could have grounds to file a claim against the store.

Motorcycle Injury Accidents May Entitle You to File a Personal Injury Claim

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July 25, 2013

Motorcycle injury accidents often result in victims being hurt more extensively. This is because the only protection a motorcycle operator has is the helmet on their head. When they are involved in an accident and hit by another vehicle, they can be thrown from their bike, causing damage to their back, spine, head and other areas of the body. In extreme cases, the operator may be left permanently disabled; or worse, could die. If the accident was caused by the negligence of another person, you need to make sure to contact a personal injury lawyer to ensure you receive the settlement you deserve. Surviving family members are also able to file a case in situations where the motorcycle operator did not survive the accident.

There Has to Be Negligence in a Motorcycle Injury CaseAn important aspect to a motorcycle injury case is the amount of negligence contributed by each party. In order to have a valid claim against another party, they must have contributed towards causing the accident, to a certain degree. For example, if the other party ran a red light and hit the motorcycle, then they could be deemed entirely at fault. However, on the other hand, if the motorcycle operator was driving at excessive speeds, cutting in and out of traffic, and was hit because someone else was changing lanes, then the amount of negligence may be distributed between both parties involved in the accident. Even in cases where the other party is not entirely at fault for the accident, but is partially responsible, you might still have grounds for a personal injury claim.

It Is Free to Discuss to Your Case with an Accident Injury Attorney

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July 23, 2013

In situations where you are hurt in an accident caused by someone else, you may have legal rights to seek monetary damages in the form of a settlement or lawsuit. Many people assume that as long as the other party pays for their medical bills, there is nothing further they are able to do. However, this is not entirely true, as you might have settled with the other party’s insurance company for a lower amount than you were entitled to receive. After obtaining medical treatment, it is important to contact an accident injury attorney before speaking with the other party’s insurance company. There are no fees charged for your initial consultation with your attorney, so it does not cost anything to find out exactly what your rights are and the amount of monetary damages you could be entitled to receive.

An Accident Injury Attorney Can Inform You of Your Legal RightsThe amount of monetary damages you could receive from an injury caused by another person or organization depends upon the type of accident. Personal injury cases involve many kinds of accidents, including automobile, motorcycle, slip and fall, dog bites, medical malpractice and worker’s compensation claims, as well as several others. By taking the time to meet and discuss your situation with an accident injury attorney, you are able to protect your legal rights. Settlement amounts also vary, based upon the extent of your injuries received and their long term effects on your quality of life. For example, one recent settlement our law firm obtained for one of our clients was for $500,000, in a burn victim case.

Speak to an Auto Accident Lawyer to See if You Are Entitled to a Settlement

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July 19, 2013

If you are ever in an auto accident, the first thing you need to do is make sure that no one requires medical attention. Even if you or someone else is sore, has minor cuts, or pain, it is still worthwhile to have the 911 operator dispatch an ambulance. Some injuries could be more serious than what they appear. You or another person may have internal injuries which are not noticeable right away. After you have received medical treatment, filed police reports, and contacted your insurance company, the next thing you should do is consult with an auto accident lawyer. Law firms like ours offer free consultations, so there is no money out of your pocket just to sit down and see if you potentially have grounds for a personal injury claim against the other party.

A personal injury claim can be filed through your auto accident lawyer in cases where you were not responsible for the accident. The reason to file a claim is to ensure that all related medical expenses, lost wages from work, and other items are reimbursed. Your insurance company may take care of paying for part of the medical expenses and the other person’s insurance covering the rest. However, your injuries could be more extensive where problems develop in the future, or you might be entitled to a larger amount of money. By having an attorney represent your interests, you are able to make sure you are receiving everything you are entitled to by law.

Los Angeles Personal Injury and Personal Property Insurance Claims Are Different

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July 18, 2013

It is important to understand the difference between Los Angeles personal injury and personal property insurance claims. Personal property insurance covers material property you own, like your house or your car against unexpected events, such as an automobile accident, fire or theft. In the event your property is damaged, your personal property insurance reimburses for the value of your loss based upon the type of coverage you have in effect. On the other hand, personal injury insurance covers damages and injuries experienced by another person, which were caused by your negligence. For instance, you fail to stop at a red light, go through the intersection, and hit a pedestrian in the crosswalk. You would be responsible for all injuries that person received as a result of your failure to stop. You and your insurance company could also be sued if the other person filed a lawsuit with a personal injury lawyer.

Los Angeles Personal Injury Claims Cover Injuries Received by another Person’s NegligenceLos Angeles personal injury cases involve all types of accidents and injuries. While the majority of cases involve vehicular, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents, there are other kinds of injures which also fall under personal injury. These include slip and fall cases, aviation accidents, wrongful death claims, medical malpractice, worker’s compensation claims, brain and spinal cord injuries, and dog bites. In order to determine whether you have grounds for a personal injury case, you need to ask yourself two simple questions. First, were you injured or hurt because another party was negligent in some manner? Next, could the accident have been prevented if the other party took necessary measures? If you answered yes to either one of these questions, you need to speak with one of our personal injury lawyers to discuss your situation further.

Get a Fair Settlement with the Help of Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys

July 16, 2013

Whenever you are involved in an accident, and have to deal with insurance companies and other parties, it is worth your time to consult with Los Angeles personal injury attorneys. Trying to negotiate a fair settlement to cover your medical expenses, lost wages from work, and other such monetary compensation, may end up leaving you short. This is because insurance companies attempt to get you to settle for the least amount of money as possible. Once you agree to a lower settlement amount and sign off, there is no way to go back later and ask for more money to cover additional expenses as a result of the accident.

For example, you may discover the injuries were more serious and find out you need surgery six months down the road. Since you already signed off and settled with the insurance company, you end up having to pay for the cost of the surgery and any other medical expenses out of your own pocket. However, if you had spoken to Los Angeles personal injury attorneys after the accident, and prior to the insurance company, you could have discovered you were entitled to a much a larger settlement. You might have had your attorney add a clause into the agreement, where any future expenses incurred as a result of the accident would also have to be covered. In the event you find out you require surgery or other complicated medical procedures, later, you do not have to worry about having to pay for these expenses.

Talk to a Motorcycle Injury Attorney after Being Injured in an Accident

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July 12, 2013

Being involved in a motorcycle accident may be much more serious than an automobile accident. This is because a motorcycle does not provide much protection to the rider. Even when wearing a helmet, serious injuries can occur to the neck, back and spine that could leave you permanently disabled. Head injuries are also common, due to the impact the head experiences, as well as in situations where a rider was not wearing a helmet. In cases where you or someone you love has been hurt or serious injured in a motorcycle accident, and the accident was not your fault, it is worth your time to contact a motorcycle injury attorney to discuss your circumstances.

A Motorcycle Injury Attorney Is Able to Help Passengers Hurt in an AccidentBesides helping motorcycle operators file claims, a motorcycle injury attorney is also available to provide assistance to passengers riding on motorcycles. For instance, if you are a passenger, and the operator causes an accident or is in an accident caused by someone else, you may have grounds for a personal injury case, if you were hurt. You might have been thrown off of the motorcycle, and cracked and broken some bones. Depending on the injuries, you could require surgery to correct the problems. Your medical expenses at the time of accident, and later, throughout your recovery, are not your financial responsibility, as long as you were not the one responsible for causing the accident. You have a legal right to seek monetary damages against the person who was at fault, and have them pay any and all related medical expenses, lost wages from work, and other related items.

Obtain a Favorable Settlement with Help from a Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles

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July 11, 2013

There are advantages to retaining a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles to represent you in personal injury cases. These cases frequently involve insurance companies trying to work out a settlement arrangement with the injured party. In the event a settlement is not able to be reached, then the next step is to take the case to court and present it to a judge or jury. When you do not have proper legal representation, insurance companies try various tactics against you. For instance, they might attempt to convince you that you have to directly sue the person who is responsible for the accident. However, this is not true, as you can file a claim against their insurance company. Another thing they may do is try to get you to agree to a settlement offer which is often much lower than you would be able to obtain with the assistance of an attorney. Insurance companies also make a record of anything you say to them, by recording telephone conversations and in personal meetings, in order to use this against you, later, in the event the case does go to court.

However, when you have your own personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, they will instruct you on the entire claims processes. Your attorney also deals directly with the insurance company and speaks to them on your behalf. Since your attorney is aware of the tactics insurance companies may use, they are able to avoid these pitfalls and help you attain the settlement amount you are entitled to receive.

A Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer Helps People Obtain Settlements and Verdicts in Personal Injury Cases

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July 9, 2013

In personal injury cases, there is a difference between a verdict and a settlement. It is important to understand each of these terms, in order to fully understand how filing a personal injury case works. You first step is to retain a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer and meet with them for your initial consultation. During this meeting, you should bring along police reports, hospital reports, medical bills, and any other documentation relating to your accident. The attorney will use this information, along with your verbal account of the accident, to determine whether there are grounds for filing a claim and the amount of negligence contributed by the other party.

Once a claim has been filed, it is normal to allow the insurance company and other party the opportunity to file a response and present a settlement offer. If the proposed amount is agreeable, and your attorney instructs you it is a fair monetary amount, then you accept it, and the claim is closed. On the other hand, if the proposal is not acceptable, your attorney might meet with you and discuss making a counter offer, in order to avoid going to court. In the event you are unable to come to a mutually acceptable agreement, the next step is to take your case before a court of law. Your Los Angeles personal injury lawyer will give you their honest opinion about taking your case to court and whether they feel there are sufficient grounds for winning your case. During the court proceedings, a judge or jury may determine the outcome. Their findings are entered as a verdict, either in your favor, or in favor of the other party.

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