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Choose a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Who is Experienced with California Traffic Law

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July 30, 2012

While you would think that anyone who calls themselves a pedestrian accident lawyer would be well-versed on California traffic laws, this is not always the case. Some attorneys simply take these cases on as fillers in their schedule because they are so prevalent. Sadly, it is the victim who pays with a poorly tried case and unfair compensation, if any at all. If you have suffered an injury, you need an attorney, such as those here at the Madison Law Group who knows the intricate details that can make or break one of these cases.

Things Your Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Needs to KnowPedestrians are governed by very specific traffic laws in California. These laws have been created to increase safety, which is vital considering California is such a pedestrian-friendly state. You should also know that these laws cover individuals on wheeled devices, including roller skates and blades, skateboards and wheelchairs.

Your pedestrian accident lawyer will be well aware that in California, pedestrians always have the right of way. If you have been a victim of an accident, it is vital that you seek medical attention immediately. Even if you feel fine, it is not uncommon for injuries to surface days or even weeks later.

Questions to Ask Your Motorcycle Personal Injury Lawyer

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July 27, 2012

If you are reading this after you have called or met with a few different attorneys, you may be feeling a little discouraged. Time is of the essence when hiring a motorcycle personal injury lawyer, but you don’t want to make the wrong decision.

If any attorneys have made you feel like a number, rushed you or did not truly listen to what you had to say, then they are not worth a second thought. It is sad, but many attorneys simply view the clients in terms of the money they could earn them, not the humans they are, suffering from stress of bills and painful injuries.

Ask Your Motorcycle Personal Injury Lawyer These QuestionsThe easiest way to make the right decision is to ask questions. The right motorcycle personal injury lawyer will take the time to answer you and they will not give you generic responses. Below are a few questions to get you started:

  • Will the compensation likely be worth even dealing with the case?
  • What do I need to pay upfront?Are there any additional fees?
  • What type of evidence will you need to gather to build a case for me?
  • What will I need to do during the process?
  • Do you foresee my case going to trial or will the insurance company probably settle?

Increased Bike Accidents Demand More Brain Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles

July 26, 2012

This is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country. After all, the more people bike to work and school, the less pollution is added to the air from automobiles. Unfortunately, as the population becomes more and more environmentally aware, there is an increase in bike accidents, often resulting in severe injuries. This dictates to an increased demand for brain injury lawyers in Los Angeles, most of which do not know what it takes to win one of these cases.

Why Brain Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles are In Such High DemandIf you have been involved in an accident while on a bike, it is important that you see a doctor. You very well may feel fine, but that doesn’t mean that you are. Some injuries do not surface right away, and sometimes your body is pumped up on adrenaline, so you do not even feel the pain.

Our brain injury lawyers in Los Angeles are experienced with these cases and we know how important a doctor visit is. You could have a contusion or concussion and not know it. It is not uncommon for long-term medical care and rehab to be needed in these cases. You could also have a skull fracture that may demand surgery. If you are in an accident, see a doctor immediately before lying down to go to sleep, and then call us.

If You Are a Victim, We Have an Auto Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles for You

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July 25, 2012

Although small fender benders pretty much happen all day long in this city, more severe collisions do dictate the need for an attorney. When you start to look for an auto accident lawyer in Los Angeles, you may feel like a small fish in a big sea; lost, confused and even scared. There are a lot to choose from and you know the importance of hiring the right one, but that does not make the decision process any easier.

Choose the Right Auto Accident Lawyer in Los AngelesAn experienced and reputable auto accident lawyer in Los Angeles will have a proven track record of such cases. They will be with a firm that specializes in injury cases and appreciate that not only is every case unique and important, but also that the compensation received will dictate that victim’s future.

Insurance companies are always going to try to get you to settle, even when they know you deserve compensation. The right attorney will make sure that your case gets personal attention, and that you receive the biggest compensation possible.

Do I Need a Slip and Fall Attorney?

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July 24, 2012

Is there something just telling you that you need a slip and fall attorney? Maybe your injuries were not so severe that you lost time off work, but you still dealt with pain. Shouldn’t you be compensated? Many people are under the assumption that injuries need to be substantial to even have a case but this is not necessarily true. If your injuries are the result of the negligence of someone else then you really should be compensated. Not only that, the responsible person or business needs to address the cause because the next person hurt at their expense might not be as fortunate as you!

Why You Might Need a Slip and Fall AttorneyDue to commercials, many people associate the need for a slip and fall attorney with falling on a slippery floor in a grocery store, or something similar. Quite honestly, a slip and fall could be the result of a long list of things, such as:

  • Faulty or icy sidewalks
  • Kid’s toys on the sidewalk
  • Unplowed parking lot
  • Blocked isles at the supermarket
  • Poor lighting in a hallway
  • Lack of proper signage
  • Broken or missing handrail
  • Potholes in the road at the crosswalk

Slip and fall cases are typically not very easy, so the sooner you call a lawyer, the better chance you have at winning. The more time you give a business or homeowner to fix the problem that caused the fall, the less chance you have at being fully compensated.

Choosing the Right Truck Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles

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July 23, 2012

Choosing a truck accident attorney in Los Angeles can very much feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. While there are a tremendous number of them available, there is a lot of pressure involved with finding the right one. After all, the wrong lawyer could easily lose the case and any chance you have at proper compensation. You need that money, don’t you?

4 Things to Look for in a Truck Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

  1. Experience – When choosing a truck accident attorney in Los Angeles, experience is the most important thing to look at. You need someone who knows the little details to look for that could make or break the case.
  2. Reputation – If you do a search on Google or Bing for them, are there any complaints? This may not raise a red flag if it is by people not happy with their compensation because sometimes people have an inflated idea of what their case is worth. However, it certainly should raise a yellow flag that is worthy of a little more digging.
  3. Treatment – When you call the office, how are you treated? If you go to their office, do you feel uncomfortable, or are you made to feel welcome and important? Do they really listen to what you have to say?
  4. Payment – Do you have to come up with a large retainer fee just for them to get started on your case? Here at the Madison Law Group, we don’t collect unless you win.

Will a Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles Get Me Better Compensation?

July 20, 2012

Before you get too excited that the insurance company is offering you a pretty penny to settle, you should know that if you do, you will be cheating yourself out of a nice compensation. Insurance companies are only this eager when they know that a qualified personal injury attorney in Los Angeles could win you a lot more.

You may be also be thinking that you don’t have a case at all. This may not necessarily be true. Skilled attorneys, such as those here at the Madison Law Group can often look at the details and find a case that needs to be made.

Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles About Insurance ClaimsIf you are searching for a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, then you probably have a lot of questions, especially regarding insurance claims. You should know that getting compensation from most insurance companies can be a nearly impossible task. There is a ton of paperwork to be filed, and if any information is missing or wrong, your claim could be denied completely.

Also, insurance companies are not just going to hand you over what you deserve. You are lucky if they even offer enough to put a dent in medical bills. Fortunately, when you hire one of our attorneys, you don’t have to deal with these bullies; we take care of everything for you.

Should I File a Claim or Hire an Accident Injury Attorney?

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July 19, 2012

If you have been in a collision involving a motor vehicle, it can be tempting to just dismiss it, but sometimes, injuries do not flare up for days or weeks later. You may also think you can just handle the claim yourself, but this is not a good idea. Instead, you should immediately call an accident injury attorney.

Your Accident Injury Attorney Will Tell You to Go to the DoctorAside from hiring an accident injury attorney, the single most important thing you can do is go to the doctor. Even if you feel fine, there is a good chance you’re not. Neck and back injuries often do not flare up right away. Not to mention, some people do not realize that they are seriously injured because of adrenaline rush that they experience at the time.

Whether you suffer a broken wrist or foot or end up with severe whiplash, you will need compensation to remediate your financial troubles.

Have You Suffered a Brain Injury in Los Angeles?

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July 18, 2012

Whether you or someone you know has suffered a brain injury in Los Angeles, you likely have a lot of questions. These injuries can be both traumatic and non-traumatic, all resulting in pain that affects not only the victim, but family and friends as well.

Common Causes of a Brain Injury in Los Angeles

  • Auto Accident – One of the most common reasons people suffer a brain injury in Los Angeles is due to an accident. A collision bounces the body around in such a way that sometimes even airbags do not offer protection. Not to mention, what happens when an airbag doesn’t deploy?
  • Cerebral Palsy – Trauma to the brain that occurs during labor is devastating and quite often, it is due to negligence that could have been avoided. Failure to relieve the pressure of the umbilical cord or to perform a timely C-section is often to blame. An over prescription of Pitocin or forceful use of forceps are causes as well.
  • Non-traumatic – Lead poisoning and carbon monoxide poisoning are common non-traumatic causes. A child could eat paint peeling off a wall or a faulty heater could emit carbon monoxide. Unfortunately, these types of brain injuries are typically seen in poorer communities where landlords think they can get away with not properly maintaining their property.

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